About Eauset

With a past that is always present, Eauset continues to walk towards the future. Tradition, craftsmanship and passion for people to remain by their side in their everyday lives.

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Through constant innovations, engineering excellence and a huge pool of skilled experts, we ensure that each of our offerings is marked by the highest levels of brilliance.

New-age Design

Our superlative quality is first defined by the aesthetics that goes into designing our products by a talent pool of international designers.


World-class Manufacturing

Eauset products are manufactured with the best in technology and through the support of exceptionally skilled technicians. Some of our manufacturing capability highlights include:


We are committed to continuous improvement in our products and services through innovative technology, meaningful human resource development, installation of quality management system of national/international standards and reviewing quality objectives for superior customer values and aspirations.

Our 3 Pillar Faucet Technology




Shower Technology at its finest

Showers from Eauset are designed with world-class technology that sets them apart in usage and functionality.

Rubit Technology

Ensures that no lime deposits stick to the shower face, keeping it clean and increasing longevity.

Multi Flow Options

Enables you to activate various forms of water flow, depending on your showering habits.

Thermo Insulation

Prevents scalding by not heating up the shower body.

Flow with Air Mixing

Ensures that the flow is evenly distributed, and saves up to 35% water by reducing dripping.

Sanitaryware Technology that stands above the rest

Clean and Odourless Closets

Easy Installations & Fixtures

Flexible UF Seat Covers

Stringent Quality

Add-on Features