Our Vision

To be an enterprising, innovative and a lifestyle company bringing affordable luxury for inspired living.

Our Mission

To work continuously to create value for all our stakeholders and customers through continual improvement, which would be reflected in our processes, products and services.

Quality Values

Eauset is committed to build quality through its people, process and products which would be reflected in our value based solutions to the best satisfaction of our customers. This will be reflected by our commitment, process improvement, products and services to our internal and external customers. For this we shall create an environment to encourage all our stakeholders and business partners to strive for excellence.

Safety Values

Eauset is concerned about the safety of its employees and interested parties and therefore committed to:

— Deploy all necessary measure towards safety through top-to-bottom in an integrated manner on a sustainable basis. —
— Identify, control and reduce contributory factors affecting safety as a step towards continual improvement. —
— Comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements relevant to safety of all. —
— Generate Awareness and effective involvement of all employees towards safety. —

Environmental Values

Eauset is concerned about environmental impacts of its activities and products and is therefore committed to:

— Ensure continual improvement in its environmental performance. —
— Ensure compliance with all applicable environmental legislation and regulations. —
— Reduce air, water and soil pollution, waste generation and natural resources consumption. —
— Generate environmental awareness among all employees. —